What Makes Mount Athos Unique

What Makes Mount Athos Unique

Mount Athos in Halkidiki is the most sacred and unique religious place in Greece for a divine experience. So, if you ever desired to be in a place full of serenity and holiness, Mt Athos is a must-visit place.

Greece is a top holiday destination all year round for its Mediterranean weather, culture, and cuisine, as well as the rich ancient history that is the pillar of western civilization.

But apart from the beautiful historical landmarks from thousands of years ago, Greece is a land of bountiful Christian traditions and history. Although there are plenty of religious places to visit, the most sacred in Greece is located at the easternmost leg of the Halkidiki peninsula.

Specifically, it is Mt Athos, which has been hosting a monastic community for almost millennia and is known as the Holy Mountain or the Garden of the Virgin Mary.

Prior to Mount Athos becoming the Holy Mountain, it was recorded as an essential part of the wars between the ancient Greeks and their enemies. For instance, it was a passageway for Greece’s conquerors, such as the Persians.

Furthermore, the name itself of the mountain comes from Greek mythology. Athos was the name of one of the giants that fought during the battle with the Greek gods. However, most of the mountain’s early history got lost through time.

Mesmerized by the area’s beauty, she blessed it and asked her son to have it as her garden. Then, Jesus’ heavenly voice said loudly and clearly, “Let this place be your inheritance and your garden, a paradise and a haven of salvation for those seeking to be saved.

Since then, the mountain was declared the Virgin Mary’s Garden, and all other women were banned from entering.

Until today, the mountain is a monastic community of only male monks, and only other men can visit. However, there is a restricted daily number of visitors who need a special entrance permit.

If you ever have the chance to visit, you will surely be enamored with the monks’ simple holy life. They still live according to Byzantine rules and follow a very minimalistic lifestyle. Also, since Mt Athos has been a secluded area, it has incredible scenery with unspoiled landscapes of the mountain, forests, and the Mediterranean sea.

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