Kallithea Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki is the jewel of northern Greece, with 550 kilometers of coastline and a wealth of natural beauty.

It is made up of three peninsulas, each of which juts out into the Aegean Sea. Kassandra and Sithonia welcome you to tour the Garden of Virgin Mary or Holy Mount Athos.

The land of Halkidiki is covered in virgin coniferous woods and is traversed by two rivers, the Havrias and the Olynthios.

The birthplace of Aristotle, Ancient Stagira, the ancient city of Olynthos, the Cave of Petralona, where the Petralona Skull was discovered, the Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon, the ancient town of Mendi, many beautiful coasts, delicious local products, museums, and festivals are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Halkidiki.

All of Thessaloniki’s well-organized tourism complexes and high-quality lodging or services are just a short distance away!